Tuesday, February 26, 2008

some new proxies


Monday, February 4, 2008

What is a proxy and how do I find one

A proxy server is a website that employs a program that isolates the Ip adress of the person inputing the search[you in this example]from the ip adress that actually fetches the link to the site.This allows you to hide the fact that you are acessing this particular adress on the www web.At the same time you can see and use the page just as though you were inputing it directly into the browser or search engine.Many people find themselves in a place such as a school or office that does not allow people using the computers there to acess certain sites.This is acomplished through certain software that scans the network at the school or office for so called "banned sites".Many people feel this is a restriction on their rights.As well,it can be assumed that the office administrator is monitoring which computer users are acessing which sites.or put simply; spying on people.this can have negative consequences for people"caught"on banned sites.it could result in firings,or even criminal charges in extreme cases!.no wonder so many people are interested in finding a reliable free way to get around these isssues.One site that I have used to find free proxys is proxy seeker